Robotics Interest Group

Welcome to the MLC robotics interest group!

Our interest group explores the application of learning based approaches to robotics. We do this through organizing online events, creating informative blog posts, answering questions on our discord channel, fostering research collaborations between our members and participating in the broader robotics research community.

If you are new to the field of robotics we highly encourage you to join us. Many of us enter the field of robotics thanks to the help/guidance of others, we hope that this group can be a resource to new/aspiring roboticists.


June 2022 The MLC robotics interest group is created.

Upcoming Events

10/02/2022 09:00-10:00 PST Reading Group Session (Open-vocabulary Queryable Scene Representations for Real World Planning )

Active Members

Robot Grasping and Manipulation

Autonomous Vehicles

Robotic navigation, task decomposition